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For the love of dance

Who we are

Kent Dance Festival is a not for profit dance organisation bringing a love for dance to your community. We are run by a group of dance students who want to bring the magic of dance to everyone. Dance is a beautiful thing, it brings joy to so many people, but getting involved can be expensive. So many classes are priced so highly due to the qualifications and training of the staff. Now it is fantastic that the staff is so experienced and knowledgeable, but this high price can often come at a price. Often the classes are so highly priced that people just can't afford to attend them. Not only is there the cost of the classes, but also there is the cost of dance clothing, dance shoes, and if you plan to perform there is costumes, travel and accommodation to consider. This is such a shame because there are so many talented individuals who could benefit so much from being involved in dance, but are kept away from their passions due to not being able to afford it.
School is great because you can take Dance as a subject or as part of an after school activity. This can also be kept up during college and even university if you are determined enough. However for those who aren't offered this as part of their curriculum, they are in a tricky situation of being able to afford the joy to dance.
Here at Kent Dance Festival we aim to provide every aspect of dance to those who cannot afford it otherwise. This includes dance classes of all types:
  • Ballet
  • Tap
  • Modern
  • Street
  • Belly dancing

We also aim to fund travel and accommodation for shows, festivals and competitions. We also look to provide costumes, props, stages and music to make the whole experience extra special!


Now we know what you're thinking, we must be millionaires right? Well unfortunately you are wrong there. We, as with the rest of our volunteers work full time in our salary paid jobs, and volunteer our services in our free time to Kent Dance Festival. We therefore rely on donations and volunteers to be able to make this happen. A lot of our funding comes from the numerous dance competitions that we win! We also have some fantastic individuals who volunteer their time to offer choreography, costume making, back stage assistance and stage setting services.*As well as this we have a wide range of suppliers and stores who so generously donate to us costumes and props. We also have suppliers who donate materials for our amazing and creative team to make costumes and props for us! On top of these fantastic and generous giving’s, we also have lovely people who lend us props, costumes and equipment including lighting, sound technology and more. 


Of course, as grateful as well are for what we have been and continue to be given, we are still in need of your help. In order to give children the chance to express their passion for dance we need your help in any way possible. If you think that you can offer your time, services or supplies that please do get in touch we would be most grateful!



The Kent Dance Featival is a fantastic organisation bringing love and joy to those with a passion for dance. My daughter has been invloved since she could wear ballet slippers and I am so proud at how she has progressed!
Molly Dawson


Hear from some fans

Kent Dance Festival has been a real second chance to so many children in my community. They are a not for profit organisation that give children a chance to really be part of something. They do such great work!
Paul Philips

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